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   La bonne cuisine est la base du véritable bonheur

                                                        A .   ESCOFFIER


  Le Repertoire de la cuisine" contains about 7,000 recipes , including over 1,600 which are only to be be found in the book .

  'Le repertoire" can never , however , be really complex  .  For from the inspired work of the master ,    A. Escoffier , and his best people comes continual progress and new formular  .  Thus many more good recipes may be hoped for as time goes on .

  The aim of this book is to present , in brief and handy form , as many recipes as possible , both old and new , with which every skilled cook should be familiar  .  For this purpose use is made of the terms normally employed in the culinary profession which , althought they may seem a little daring to a grammarian , will be clearly understood by the chefs , cooks , etc .. , for whom this book is intended .

  Whilst each recipe occupies only a few line , the details of its preparation are given in their natural and logical sequence .

  All chefs will find "Le Repertoire" as invaluable help , for even the best informes could not possibly carry so many recipes of the past and present in his memory  .  With "Le Repertoire" always at hand , however , the cook can instantly refer to just the recipe he needs .

  To all Hotel Proprietors , Directors , Restaurateurs , Maitre d'Hotel , managers , Head Waiters , Cooks and Butlers  .  "Le Repertoire" will prove a most useful guide to the ingredients and methods of preparing those dishes which should grace the best tables .

  Great creations such as "Dodine" , "Fraises Sarah Bernhardt" , "Poularde Poincaré", "timbale Richepin"  are known , at least in name , to all who understand good living  .  These and so many other tasty dishes have been justly glorified in various sections of the press throughout the world  .  Yet never before have the true recipes for these dishes been published , easy though they are to prepare  .  Here all these formular of Head Chefs and many other eminent authorities in the world of cookery , are gathered together in one volume as also are the recipes for "Salades américaines" and the principal foreign dishes  .  These recipes , which are copyright , were personally written by the world's leading Chefs , which is an adequate garantee of their accuracy .

  Where more than one preparation is known under the same name , the recipe given is for the dish most usually associated with that name in the Hotels and restaurants of Paris and London .

  This question of name deserves the closest attention for it seems full of pitfalls  .  Almost every day some well-intentioned chef or cook will either give a new name to a dish which is already known to everyone as something else or he will introduce under a well-known name a preparation different from that which the name normally implies  .  These are bad parctices which all chefs and cooks concious of their professional responsability should do their best to stamp out .  If allowed to continue , such practices will debase the culinary art beyond redemption .

  Since this book is particularly for practitioners , it is in their mutual interest to keep the Author and Publishers informed of details of new creations or local recipes which have not so far been included so that every new edition of "Le Repertoire" may be made even more comprehensive than the last .


  T.  G          
 L.  S.
 London , March 8th , 1914

 " .. Car la cuisine est l'art français par excellence ,

le seul art dans lequel , depuis quatre cents ans , nos

compatriotes  n'eurent jamais de rivaux . "

                                                                      LE CARNET D'EPICURE


Deux cents pages ..  c'est trop ! Non ne les lisez pas
Eloignez ce calice avec de nobles gestes :
Ne faites pas , Madame , un repas indigeste ;
Mieux vaudrait ne jamais plus faire un seul repas !
N'allez pas , cependant , condamner , sans débattre ,
Un livre dont le poids , après tout , est normal ;
Le seul aspect des deux cents pages vous fait mal !
Soit !  n'en parcourez qu'une ..  ou deux ..  ou trois ..  ou quatre !
Les vastes appétits des princesses , jadis ,
Eussent en se jouant absorbé tout l'ouvrage ;
Sans l'imiter , Madame , honores leur courage :
Deux cents pages c'est trop : prenez-en huit ou dix !
Un jour , __ la gourmandise étant vertu française , __
Après avoir plané çà et là quelques mets ,
Vous deviendrez vaillante et voudrez désormais
Lire , __ pas deux cents pages , non ! .. mais quinze ou seize !
Et vous en lirez trente , et vous en lirez cent ,
Et puis vous apprendrez par coeur tout le volume ,
Si bien qu'é l'heure exquise où le fourneau s'allume
Vous improviserez un menu ravissant .
Un menu ; .. c'est le plus adorable poème ;
C'est le plus délicat chef d'oeuvre ; c'est la fleur
Qui , seule , unit à son parfum ensorceleur
La saveur idéale et la beauté suprême .
Et cette fleur, Madame , obtient tous les succès ,
Tous les bonheurs humains se résument en elle ,
Voulez-vous la cueillir , dans sa grâce éternelle ! ..
Voici les clefs du grand jardin de l'Art Français

London , March 12th , 1914