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DOUGHS with OR without  YEAST

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 Cobbler Dough

 990  gm  all purpose flour
 210  gm  Sugar
 75  gm  baking powder
 15  gm  baking soda
 10  gm  sea salt
 375  gm  butter
 380  gm  Heavy cream
    In the mixer with the paddle attachment combine flour / sugar /baking powder and salt
   Add the butter until crmble
   Add the cream
   Don’t over mix.
   Using a rolling pin, roll the dough on a slightly dusted table incorporating at the same time a good amount of sugar in the raw.
   When sheeted at about ¼ inch thick, punch out the discs that will appropriately seal the mold .
   Finally remove a small circle of dough from the center of these discs.

   These little holes will prevent the steaming when baking to damage the product.