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   glossary_y/veg-Yam.jpg Yamthyae thick, starch tuber of various tropical vines native to Asia (genus Dioscorea) unrelated to the potato and sweet potato; has an off-white to dark brown skin, flesh that can range from creamy white to deep red and is less sweet that a sweet potato.  
   glossary_y/yarrow_common.jpgYarrowan aromatic herb used in flavoring omelets, stews and salads. . . and much more to know about this plant  >>>  

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     Yeasta microscopic fungus that converts its food (carbohydrates) into carbon dioxide and alcohol through a metabolic process known as fermentation; yeast is necessary for making beer, wine, cheese and some breads.  
   glossary_y/yerba_buena_mint.jpg Yerba Buena : (Spanish) Wild mint, fresh or dried ... The plant's most common name, the same in English and Spanish, is an alternate form of the Spanish hierba buena (meaning "good herb")  
   glossary_y/yew_fruit.jpg Yew fruit : Most parts of the tree are toxic, except the bright red aril surrounding the seed, enabling ingestion and dispersal by birds.   
   glossary_y/bean-YellowEyeBean.jpg Yellow Eyed Bean :
   glossary_y/veg-mushroom-YellowOyster.jpg Yellow Oyster Mushroom :

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 Yogurt urdled or cultured milk dish with custard-like consistency used in main dishes, in sauces and in desserts.

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  Yogurt Cheese : Yogurt cheese can be eaten as a lowfat cream cheese substitute or as is most common as a lowfat alternative in baking. The final quality of the yogurt cheese is largely dependent on the yogurt you start out with, so try to use a good quality one. Considerable amounts of fat and calories can be cut out by using a low fat yogurt (use one without gelatin, like Dannon). To make: Pour yogurt into a cheesecloth and either let it hang over the kitchen sink or over a bowl. If you drain it over a bowl, you can do it in the refrigerator. Drain overnight. When the yogurt is firm, remove from the bag and transfer it to a separate container. Discard the liquid. Yogurt cheese keeps (refrigerated) for up to 1 week. Six cups of yogurt makes 2 cups of yogurt cheese.   
   glossary_y/yorkshire_pudding_2.jpg  Yorkshire_Puddinga popover-like pastry cooked in roast beef drippings, this is one of the great British inventions. When cooked successfully, it puffs as high as a giant   popover, and is crusty and savory with the natural gravy of the roast.  

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 YucaCassava or other name for Manioc is the third-largest source of carbohydrates for meals in the world

Cassava-based dishes are widely consumed wherever the plant is cultivated. Some of these dishes have regional, national, or ethnic importance.  Cassava must be cooked properly to detoxify it before it is eaten.

Cassava can be cooked in various ways. . . continue >>


 Yuzu : a citrus fruit and plant originating in East Asia. It is believed to be a hybrid of sour mandarin and Ichang papeda.

The Yuzu originated in China, and also grows wild in central China and Tibet. It was introduced to Japan and Korea during the Tang Dynasty and it is in these nations that it is cultivated most widely  >>

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