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Spices / Herbs
Beans / Seeds


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     Nachoa Mexican appetizer made with chilies and melted cheese served on a bed of tortillas.  
     Nagoya Kale (White or Red) :
     Nasturtiuman edible flower. The young leaves and blooms are used in salads and sandwiches , and as garnishes for cold summer soups; the buds may be picked and pickled and used as substitute for capers.  
     Navarina French lamb stew.  
     Navy _Beana variety of kidney bean; small and ovoid with a white skin and flesh; a staple of the U.S. Navy since the 1880s, it is also known as the beautiful bean, Boston bean, and Yankee bean.  

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     Neapolitan_Ice_Cream :  an ice cream brick made up of layers of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream.  
     Neat an undiluted alcohol.  
     Nectarany delicious drink. In mythology, this was the drink of the Olympian gods. Also, the juice of plants collected for honey.  
   glossary_n/fruit-nectarine.GIF Nectarinea medium-sized stone fruit (Prunus persica) with a smooth red and yellow skin, firm yellowish-pink flesh and a peachy flavor with undertones of almond; available as freestone and clingstone.  
     Nesselrode : a mold of ice cream flavored with candied fruits and chestnut puree. Also, a Bavarian cream similarly flavored and used in a pie.   bombe glacée ►  .  pudding ►   .

 Newburghot lobster or seafood cooked in a sherry sauce enriched with a thick cream sauce.    Repertoire ►


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     Niçoise_à_la ; dishes with black olives, tomatoes, garlic , anchovies and dried cherries. Also, a candy of caramelized sugar and browned almonds.  
   glossary_n/hherb-nigella.jpg Nigella :

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     Noodleribbons of various lengths, widths and thicknesses made from a dough of wheat flour, water and eggs (or egg yolks) and generally boiled; also known as egg noodles.  
   glossary_n/veg-nopales-pricklypear.GIF Nopales or Prickly Pear :

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 Nutmeg the hard seed of a yellow fruit from a tree (Myristica fragrans) native to the East Indies; has an oval shape and smooth texture with a strong, sweet aroma and flavor; used ground (grated) in sweet and savory dishes.

Nutmeg & Mace shell Fresh Nutmeg



   glossary_n/fruit-nuts.jpg Nut :  
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 Spices / Herbs
Beans / Seeds