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Spices / Herbs
Beans / Seeds


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     Kahlua :  a coffee-flavored liqueur.
     Kaiser Pudding :
     Kaiser_Roll :  a large, round yeast roll with a crisp crust, used for making sandwiches or served as a breakfast roll; also known as a hard roll or Vienna roll.
     Kakavia :  a Greek fish soup.
     Kalamansi :  



 Kale :
 Green CurlyRed Russian Micro
Red Russian
White Peacock
     Kasha : a side dish, like a pasta or rice side dish, served in Eastern Europe. It may be buckwheat, barley, or millet. Also, cooked buckwheat.

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     Kebab_/_Kabob :  minced meat or cubes of meat on a skewer, usually marinated before cooking.
     Kedgeree :  an English breakfast dish brought from India, and made of leftover fish, rice and hard-boiled eggs.

 Kernel :  1. The softer, usually edible part, contained within the shell of a nut or a stone of a fruit; also known as the meat.

                2. The body of a seed within its husk or other outer covering.

                3. A whole seed grain (ex. wheat and corn).

     Kettle :  pot for boiling liquids. In some regions the word has come to mean a pot with a handle and a spout for pouring, as a teakettle.
   glossary_k/herb-kewra_flower.jpg Kewra :

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     Kidney_Bean :   a medium-sized, kidney-shaped bean with a dark red skin, cream-colored firm flesh and a bland flavor; available fresh, dried and canned; also know as red kidney bean.


                 1. A general term used for most Polish sausages.

                 2. A Polish sausage made from pork (with beer sometimes added) flavored with garlic; smoked, usually precooked and sold in medium to large links; also known as Polish sausage.

     Kipper :  fish cured by splitting, salting, and drying or smoking. A breakfast food in England, kippered herring is poached, grilled or baked.
     Kirsch :  a cherry-flavored liqueur made of black cherries and their pits.
     Kisses :  meringues. Also, small chocolate candies roll up in twists of silver paper.
   glossary_k/fruit-kiwi.GIF Kiwi_/_Kiwi_Fruit :  a small barrel-shaped fruit (Actinidia sinensis) native to New Zealand; has a greenish-brown skin covered with fuzz, brilliant green flesh that becomes more yellow toward the center, many small, edible black seeds and a sweet-tart flavor; named for the flightless bird of New Zealand; also known as the Chinese gooseberry.
Desserts with Kiwis

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     Knead :   to work a dough by hand or in a mixer to distribute ingredients and develop gluten.
     Knuckle :  he ankle joint of pork, veal, and other meat. It is used in stews and pies and particularly in soups.

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     Kofta :  a meat ball popular in the Balkans, the Middle and Far East.
   glossary_k/veg-kohlrabi.gif Kohlrabi :
     Korma ;  also, quoorma. A spicy Pakistani/Indian stew made of mutton and yogurt and flavored with the spices that go into a curry.
     Kosher :  food that conforms to Jewish dietary laws, which were laid down by Moses, according to Biblical accounts of Hebrew history.

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     Kulfi : ) is a popular frozen dairy dessert from the Indian Subcontinent.  It was traditionally prepared by evaporating sweetened and flavored milk by slow cooking, with almost continuous stirring to keep milk from sticking to the bottom of the vessel where it might burn, until its volume was reduced by a half, thus thickening it, increasing its fat, protein and lactose density.  >>>  
     Kulich :  a traditional Russian Easter cake. It is made of sweet bread dough and candied fruit, baked tall and round like the headgear of a Russian Orthodox priest.
   glossary_k/fruit-kumquat2.jpg Kumquat :
Desserts with Kumquat
     Kummel :  a sweet liqueur prepared with caraway seed and cumin, made in regions bordering the eastern coast of the Baltic sea.

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 Spices / Herbs
Beans / Seeds