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   - 1Kg AP flour

  - 70 grs fresh yeast

  - 15 eggs

  - 1 dl hot water

  - 360 grs melted butter

  - 20 grs salt

  - 60 grs sugar

Dissolve the east into lukewarm milk

Shape the flour into a fountain in a mixing bowl. Add eggs, sugar, salt and dissolved yeast in the middle.

 Knead in mixer with the hook adpter. Knead until the dough stop sticking on the side of the bowl.

Ad the chunk of butter . cover with a plastic and keep aside in a warm place until the dough dobbled in volume.

When the dough has risen...tear it with the back of your hand.

Grease individual savarin molds or Baba tins

Fill up each molds to 3/4 of its capacity.

Let grow again until the dough reaches the rim.

If making Babas, glaze the surface of the visible dough with egg yolks/wtare solution .. and bake in a warm ovenat 180C (330F) for 20 minutes the least

 When baked take out of the oven and promptly unmold on a cooling  rack .

The Savarins or the Babas are ready for use and to be soaked in the syrup with the Dark Rum ...the longer the better.



  - 1 1/2 quart Milk 

  - 1 quart ½ & ½

  -  2 vanilla beans

  - 100 gm light corn syrup

  - 200 gm sugar

  - 4 gm Ice cream stabilizer (agar agar)

  - 1 can (400 gm) sweet condensed milk

  - 1 box Golden raisins


 Combine milk / Half & half / corn syrup to a boil infusing the vanilla beans

Mix sugar and stabilizer and add it to the boiling liquid. Wait for the boil again.

Turn off flame and add the condensed milk.Let cool and refrigerate over night before spinning in ice cream maker 

Macerate the Golden Raisins in dark rum (Myer's) for a day or two 

When spinning the ice cream,  at the end of the cycle, incorporate in the ice cream and out of the machine, the quick drained  Golden Raisins.

Store in freezer right away.



   - 1kg peeled bananas

  - 1 lime juice (or 2)

  - Sugar syrup (to taste recipe ** at “Apple Feuilletine”)

 Blend the bananas, adding the lime juice(s)

Add the syrup , amount according to taste

Put in ice cream maker and freeze



    -1 qt heavy cream

  - 400 gm vanilla simple syrup or mint

 Using a syphon



   - 300 gm purreed  bananas

  - 2 lime juices (little than the sorbet)

  - 20 gm potato starch

Process the three ingredients together 

Thinly spread the mix onto “Silpat” and dry in convection oven at 180 F for at least one hour

When ready remove from trays and store in sealed boxes



  - 1 liter water

  – 600 gm sugar

  – 1 qt Heavy cream

  – 400 gm cocoa powder

Bring water and sugar to a boil 

Add the cream, bring back to the boil

Incorporate the cocoa powder using a whisk  and bring back to the boil stirring constantly

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