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Semi Sweet ( 65 to 72%)

Souffle Grand Marnier



-    200 gm Blanched sliced almonds
-    30 gm light corn syrup
-    150 gm sugar
-    20 gm butter

 It has to be ready before making the parfait
 In stainless steel pot, combine sugar, corn syrup and butter, cooking it until becoming a blond caramel.
Previously of adding the almonds to the caramel, flash them in hot oven for a minute (if there are to cold they would be breaking into pieces and make the work more difficult).
When the brittle in done remove onto a “silpat” or a greased tray and let cool.


-    12 yolks
-    100 gm hot water
-    500 gm Honey (warm)
-    1 liter Whipped cream
-    ½ cup Rum

 In Kitchenaid mixer, start whipping the egg yolks. Add the hot (and boiling) water into the beating yolks and let turn until light and very fluffy.
Then reduce speed and add the warm honey . When all honey has been added increase speed and let turn until cool.
On the side, in a stainless steel bowl, whip the cream to hard peak, add the coarsely
chopped brittle and finally the honey sabayon.
Pour the parfait into a square tin or tray and freeze.


-    1 kg gm sugar
-    600 all purpose flour
-    1 kg gm egg whites
-    2 orange zest
-    2 lime zest
-    2 tsp ground cinnamon
-    480 gm melted Butter

 In a stainless steel bowl, grate orange and lime, add sugar, flour then egg whites, cinnamon and homogenize.
Finally add the melted butter, mix well and dispense in quart containers.
Keep refrigerated until and after needed.
This mix need to be spread thinly on silpat.
Divide the spread batter with the tip of a small spatula into equal squares that will allow you to wrap a portion of parfait (cut into squares of 2 ½ inch side).
When receiving an order, put 2 squares of pre- baked tuiles on a silpat , in then oven until soft enough to double wrap the parfait “a la minute”
Sprinkle confectioners sugar in a decorative way by using a stencil or piece of ribbon.


-    1 lb (450 gm ) semi sweet chocolate
-    1 pint of water (more or less)
-    1 tsp coffee extract

Bring the water to a boil
Turn of  the lame and add the chocolate .
Keep stirring until chocolate is melted.
If the sauce seems to loose , it is the right time to fix it by adding more chocolate.

Make sure to note how much more chocolate has been added , this will be useful for the next time.


-    1 quart milk
-    12 yolks
-    1 cup (225 gm) sugar
-    20 gm all purpose flour
Natural color & flavors
-    mint paste
-    raspberry puree
-    vanilla extract

 Bring the milk and cream to a boil a first time infusing the vanilla beans (do the same if you use vanilla extract).
Beating energetically using a wire whisk, combine yolks and sugar until it turn into lemon color.
Remove the boiling liquid from the flame
Pour some of the boiling liquid over the egg /sugar mixture, mix well and add this mixture back to the remaining boiled liquid.
Put the pan back on the stove over medium heat .
By using a wooden spoon, gently finish cooking the crème anglaise until thick enough to cover the back of the spoon.
The safest way remains to use a thermometer. In this case, turn off the flame when the mixture reaches 84 C Strain immediately into a bowl over a bath of ice.
TIP: by tracing a line with a finger on the cream coated spoon, we should see this line remaining still.

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