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| PB Cookie | Rum Parfait | Banana Ice cream| Caramel Ice cream




  - 1150 gm All purpose Flour

  -  350 gm Confectioners Sugar

  - 450 gm Blanched Almond Flour

  - 2 lbs Soft Butter

  - 3/4 lb Soft Butter (second step


-In a mixing bowl with paddle mix both flours, sugar and 2 lbs . Cream the mix.

-Put on sheet pan (on parchment) and bake at 325F for 20 min until golden brown

- Let cool

- Crumble by hand then put back  in mixer with paddle and cream with the rest of the butter

- Lightly moisten back of sheet pan

- Cover with with cling film and make smooth.

- Spread the dough evenly on film 1/3"

- Cover again with a layer of film

- Put in fridge until firm

- Cut into desired shapes and place on a sheet double linen with parchment

- Bake at325 F for about 10 to 12 min until light golden color

- Put back in fridge, remove, freeze and remove as needed


  -1liter Pate a Bombe Dure

    (see right below for method)

  - 1 1/2 dl (150 gm) Dark Rum

  - 2 liter (volume) Whipped Cream



  - 640 gm simple syrup

  - 320 gm egg yolks




- Add the Rum to the Pate a Bombe

- Fold in the whipped cream

- Pour the parfait mix into a square tin__size TBD

_ Keep in freezer until set hard


Pour the parfait into ring molds 1inch smaller than the diameter of the cutter used to punch out the PB Cookies (knowing that the cookies will slightly expanding when baking.


- Cook the syrup at 110 C (234F), pour it over the beating yolks on high speed and let work until totally cooled


  - fresh Bananas

  - fresh lime juice

  - Sorbet Syrup

  - 2 kg 700 Sugar / 2 liter Water

  - 300 gm light corn syrup / 20 gm agar agar


 -Peel the bananas ,slice and drop them in a bar blender

- Add the lime juice (not too much, it has to taste more like banana than lime. Lime juice will just prevent them from turning brown to fast)

- Add about 15 % of sorbet syrup

- Blend it quick also preventing the mix from warmng up

- Pour in ice cream maker and freeze spin



  - 250 gm Butter

  - 500 gm Sugar

  - 10 gm Salt

  -2 qt Half & half

  - 11 Yolks

  - 150 gm Sugar


- Melt the butter and add the sugar

- Let cook until becoming caramel color. It is necessary to keep an eye on it, stirring often

- When becoming caramel, stay next and wait until it start foaming, burning and smoking

- Add some of the half and half until it stop boiing

- Finally add the remaining half and half

- Proceed then like a regular crème anglaise with yolks and sugar

- It is better to make the mix the day before to allow a period of maturation



- Cut in halves in width, then lenghwise

- Slice the flesh lenghwise onto the skin

- Remove the flesh and arrange it on the cookie

- Cover with a lemon juice wet paper napkin until needed (only for the same day)

- At the order sprinkle some sugar in the raw onto the entire surface of the arranged bananas and caramelize using a blowtorch

-When done with that, put a piece of frozen onto serving plate, put the banana /cookie on top

Finish garnishing and decorating