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| Banana Cake | Banana Chips | Caramel Ice cream | Praline Crunch | Chocolate Sauce |




 Banana Cake


- 12 oz Butter

- 1 lb 2 oz sugar

- 4 Eggs


- 11 ½ oz Flour

- 2 ½ oz Hazelnut Flour

- 1 tsp Baking Powder

- 1 tsp Salt

- 1 tsp Baking Soda


- 10 oz Banana

- 10 oz Sour Cream


Cream the butter and the sugar for12 minutes on high speed.

Slowly add the eggs.

Sift the dries and add the butter mixture.

Add the sour cream on top and mix until combined.

Puree the bananas in the robot coupe and fold into mix.

Bake at 325 degrees (about 30 min) until dark in color and a knife pulls out clean.

Using a ring mold , cut out disks.


 Banana Chips

6 Bananas

4 tbsp Sugar

Place the  bananas in the robot coupe and puree.

Spread out on 2 silpats and sprinkle with sugar.

Bake at 20 degrees for about an hour.

 Caramel Ice cream

- 64 Yolks

- 4 liters Heavy cream

- 4 liters Milk

- 2 Vanilla beans

- 10 cup Sugar

- 2 cup water (approx.)

- 3 tbsp Sea salt

Bring cream , milk and vanilla to a boil and keep warm.

Mix sugar to consistency of wet sand.

Cook into a dark caramel.

Whisk Yolks, temper with cream and add salt

 Praline Crunch

- 600 gm Valrhona Praline Paste

- 100 gm Dark Chocolate 66%

- 600 gm Feuilletine

- 100 gm Hazelnut

Melt the chocolate and the praline.

Add the nuts and feuilletine and mix together.

Chill and Chop

 Brulee Sugar

- 6 lb Sugar

- 3 lb Light Brown Sugar

Mix in Hobart, place on sheet trays and dry out fir 2 hours in a 200 degrees oven.

Grind in the robot coupe and pass through a china cap

 Chocolate Sauce

- 1 liter Water

- 600m gm Sugar

- 1qt Heavy cream

- 400 gm Cocoa Powder

- Bring water  and sugar to a boil

- Add the cream, bring back to a boil .

- Incorporate the cocoa powder using a whisk and bring back to a boil stirring constantly


             To Serve

Place thin sliced bananas on top of disk of banana cake.

Using a blow torch caramelize the banana to a golden color.

Next to the cake scoop 2 tbsp of praline crunch.

On top of the crunch, scoop the salted caramel ice cream.

Garnish the ice cream with 3 small pieces of banana chips and sauce the plate with chocolate sauce.
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