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- 1 Kg green apples(12)
Cooked with 100 grs butter and
1 large stick of cinnamon + 50grs sugar
- 3 egg yolks
- 150 grs creme fraiche
- 5 gelatin leaves



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- 2 Kg pureed bananas
- 1 Lb yogurt
- 33 cl ( ¾ pint) banana Brandy
-  3 lemon juices
- ½ liter water
- 350 grs sugar
- 2 (large) sticks Agar- Agar


Using a regular ganache
or a firm tapioca pudding rich in chocolate

- 1 cup Tapioca

- 1 # ½ sweet chocolate

- 360 grs sugar

or 1can condensed milk

- 3 can coconut milk

- 3 eggs

- 3 vanilla beans

optional :white pepper , pinch of salt , nutmeg 

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Piping , Molding or Cutting
Balls , Cubes or Diamonds
"you decide"
But before deep frying
You must follows all the steps
- Roll in sifted flour
- Deepin' egg wash
  (add some melted butter to eggs )
- Coat in sifted cake crumbs
__ refrigerate for an hour__
- Deep in egg wash again
- Coat in sifted white bread crumbs
  unsweetened _ "Panco"Japanese_
__refrigerate until needed__

__ slowly fry the Beignets until golden brown