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| Petit Beurre Cookie | coconut cream | raspberry coulis | TO SERVE |



950 gr. all purpose flour

450 gr. powdered sugar

550 gr. almond flour


500 gr. butter softened

450 gr. butter softened


  In a mixing bowl with paddle mix both flours, sugar and 500 gr. butter.

  Mix until crumbly.

  Put on sheet pan and bake at 300F until golden brown.

  Let cool.

  When cool grind in a food processor and grind.

  Put back in mixer with paddle and add the rest of the butter (450 gm).

  Mix until crumbly again. Remove from mixer and spread between two plastic sheet oj the back of the sheet tray

  When cooled , remoce the top sheet of plactc and punch out using a 3 1/2 inch round cutter. Place the round cookie on a doublle parchment paper. Bake at 300F for about 15 minutes.

  Let cool and flash freeze before attempting to remove the cookie from tray.

  Wrap in plastic until needed, in fridge. 



120 gr. powdered sugar

240 gr. shredded coconut


360 gr. lightly whipped cream

Malibu Rum to taste


  Mix sugar and coconut . Made in a large amount and sealed before using , you will need to used 360 gm of this mix per recipe.

  Whip the cream at very soft peak

  Finally add the sugar / coconut mix and malibu and gently fold.

  Dispense in a pastry bag just before service

  The cream has to be made at each service.



- 1 kg Raspberry puree

- 200 gm Confectioner sugar

- 1 lemon juice

  Blend all ingredients together and dispense in squeeze bottle, ready for service.


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