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| tart dough | lemon curd | mango compote | basil ice cream |


 Tart Dough:

   900 gm all purpose flour

   300 gm blanched almond flour

   350 gm 10X – confectioners sugar

   10 gm salt

   500 gm butter

   5 eggs


1. Mix 5 first ingredients until it is the consistency of fine crumbs using the paddle attachment

2. Add the egg and homogenize

3. Divide the dough into 700 gm pieces, wrap in plastic film and refrigerate

4. Using a rolling pin or dough sheeter, sheet the dough the size of a parchment paper and keep cool, covered to avoid the dough to dry

5. using a 4 inch cutter, punch out disc of dough and fold in 3 ¼ inch tart ring molds

6. Freeze , preheat oven at 350 F

7. put frozen tart in hot oven and immediately turn down thermostat at 300 F and let bake for about 10 min or until light golden brown



   - 250 gm butter

   - 400 gm 10 X Confectioners sugar

   - 9 lemon zest

   - 10 eggs

   - 1 cup lowfat yogurt

   - 1 tsp good vanilla extract

   - 1 ¼ pint fresh squeezed lemon juice


1. Mix butter and sugar in pot over medium heat. Beat continuously with wire whisk until butter and sugar are well combined.

2. At this moment, add the zest of the grated lemon in order to express as much flavor as possible.

4. It is not supposed to darken in color than butter.
Remove from the heat, add eggs beating them in thoroughly.

5. Cook this over medium heat 2 or 3 min while whisking rapidly to avoid scrambling eggs.

6. This will provide a light yellow liquid, thinner than before.

7 Add yogurt, lemon juice and mix well; finally mix in vanilla.

8. Pour it into a non-reactive container (plastic bowl) to cool for 10 mn or until just warm, whisking occasionally.

9. It is better used the next day or after a 6 hour refrigeration

10. Divide the mix into glass baking pans and bake at 250F for as long as it is to the mix to set

11. Let cool outside for an hour or two ,then in kitchenaid mixer, beat the curd until completely smooth.

12. Divide in plastic containers, sealed and keep refrigerated until needed.



   - 2 ripe Mangos

   - ¼ cup sugar

   - 1 lime zest and juice

   - ¼ cup mango puree


1- Dice mangos into ¼ inch cubes

2- Macerate with sugar lime zest and juice and mango puree

3- keep in plastic containers



   - 1 quart milk

   - 1 quart cream

   - 2 cups sugar

   - 4 gm Agar powder (or 2 gelatin leaves)

   - 14 egg yolks

   - 16 oz fresh Thai basil


1- Steep the basil with the milk, cream and half sugar

2- In a separate bowl, place the sugar and the yolks. Once the milk mixture comes to a boil, pour 2 cups into egg mixture, mix well and combine into cooking pot and proceed like the making of a crème Anglaise, cooking until temperature reaches 83ºC (181ºF).

3- Don't strain. keep in ice bath before refrigerating

4- Next day, strain the mix and freeze in ice cream maker

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