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 Recette du Dimanche     Recette de tous les jours

  recette du Dimanche

Pastry cream

·         ½ liter milk

·         100 grs sugar

·         3 egg yolks

·         35 grs butter

·         80 grs corn starch

·         vanilla / blanched lemon zest



1.       Mix

·         350 grs fromage blanc or sour cream

·         6 egg whites (firm)

2.       Add “fromage blanc” to the hot pastry cream

3.       Add the firm, beaten egg whites to the still hot fromage blanc mix

4.       Fill well the tart shell until the edge, using a spatula, spread the mix smoothly

5.       Lightly brush some egg wash seasoned with salt and sugar

6.       Put the tart in a hot oven (350 F) for 10 min until lightly colored. The mix must not rise in the oven, otherwise just a little

7.       When baked, wait for a few minutes, then remove from tin upside-down on a cooling rack

8.       After the tart totally cooled down, flip it over a dish or a card board

9.       Sprinkle sugar on top and using a hot skewer (over a flame) caramelize the sugar.

10.   Repeat the operation over the flame until obtaining the desired design




 Recette du Dimanche     Recette de tous les jours

      recette de tous les jours

1.       Mix

·         300 grs fromage blanc

·         4 eggs

·         100 grs sugar

·         ¼ liter milk

·         50 grs corn starch

·         70 grs flour

·         vanilla / blanched lemon zest

2.       Mix well fromage blanc and the yolks.

3.       Add sugar, milk, starch/flour, vanilla/lemon.

4.       At last, mix in the firm egg whites.

5.       Fill the tart shell with mix and proceed like above with a hot skewer.


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