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    -    12 egg yolks
   -    120 gm sugar

   -    120 gm flour

   -    750 gm  milk
   -    120 gm butter

   -    12 egg whites
   -     75 sugar

    Whisk egg yolks with sugar until very light and fluffy
    Add flour and whisk until combined
    Meanwhile heat milk and butter to the boil
    Add hot mixture to whisking egg yolk mixture
    In another bowl whisk whites with sugar and a squeeze of lemon.
    Gently fold whites into warm mix
    Cooking the pancake onto griddle with a lid or on small skillet.
    They need to be stuffed when still lukewarm.


  Traditionally peel peaches using boiling water and iced bath.
  Cut the fruits in halves.
  Put the half peaches in a baking pan and pour a good amount of condensed milk over.
  It should be enough condensed milk to coat the peaches when tossed, before going into oven.
  Cover with aluminum foil and bake at 300F for about 20 to 30 min.
  Once in a while , it is important to shake the pan to recoat the peaches with the condensed milk.
  When bake chop the still hot peaches into morsels the size of a thumb nail.
  Put back this morsels into pan, toss the fruit again and strained them while they are still hot
  When the fruits are totally drained and cold, cover with a plastic wrap and keep so until needed.
  The milk will be used for the red bean ice cream.

 STUFFING THE pancakes

  Place ½ inch thick of the baked peaches on almost the entire surface of a pancake.
  Cover with another one slowly pushing down with the palm.
  When order comes in, slightly –preheat the stuffed pancake in the microwave for 20 second, then flash it in the oven for a minute or less.

 RED BEAN  ice cream

   −    4 qt milk
  −    3 qt ½ & ½
  −    200 gm corn syrup
  −    50 gm sugar
  −    15 gm Agar powder
  −    Azuki beans (tbd)
  -    3 small cans (1kg200) condensed milk with drained peaches


  Bring milk ½ & ½  and corn syrup to a boil.
  Add sugar and Agar powder and bring back to the boil to achieve the liaison.
  Add the Auki beans, mashed, blended with little of the hot liquid and strain through very fine mesh.
  Finally add the condensed being used to bake the peach

Note: The amount of Azuki beans and condensed milk are still “to be determined”(tbd)

 CHOCOLATE WAFFER w. candied Yuzu


  Melt chocolate ready to be tempered
  On plastic sheet, pipe some equal (1 inch diameter) dots of the tempered chocolate
  Using the center finger, spread the chocolate as thin as possible operating in oval, almost circular motion.
  Sprinkle some tiny dices of candied Yuzu.
  Let set and keep in freezer for when needed.

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