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 Chestnut Chess

 Mount Fuji

 Mont Blanc

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 Mt FUJI  or MONT BLANC is a confection executed in a pyramid shaped mold . It contains a homemade chestnut paste (low in sugar)


 - Fresh Chestnuts (raw , frozen)
 - Milk ( covering the chestnuts, 2 inches over)
 - Sugar ( 70 gm per Quart of milk)
 - Vanilla ( ½ bean per Qt of milk)

* After putting all ingredients into large pot, bring them to a boil .

  * Let simmer until chestnut become cook enough to start falling apart.
        * Remove from heat and keep cover until cooled down.
  * Using a spider, slightly strain the chestnuts into a (mash potato0 mill
and slowly process the chestnut until all passed through.
•    Keep refrigerated until needed.
•    Also , the milk will be needed for the making of the “crème Anglaise”

 Yuzu flavored “Chantilly cream”

 (whipped cream + sugar + candied yuzu)]
And cover on each of the four sides with a thin crust of
baked meringue




   -    300 grs egg whites
   -    200 grs sugar
   -    1 lb 10 X

 •    Put all ingredients together in the mixing bowl(Kitchenaid), with the whisk on second speed. Using a blow torch ,heat the bottom of the bowl while beating.
•    Keep doing until the egg whites become warm and fluffy. At this point, turn the mixer onto its maximum speed and let turn until meringue become just lukewarm and stiff onto hard peak..
•    When meringue is ready, spread through the stencil on waxed parchment paper
•    Remove stencil and repeat the operation until stray is full.
•    Bake in convection oven (on low blow) at 200F for at least an hour.


 using the stencil:




  - 1 liter water
  - 600 gm sugar
  - 1 Qt heavy cream  
  - 400 gm dark cocoa powder  (Valrhona)

 * Bring water and sugar to a boil.

 * add the heavy cream then bring back to a boil.
 * At last , add the cocoa powder , whisking slowly until boiling again.
  * Dispense , cover and let cool.


(or crème Anglaise) lightly flavored with Bourbon

   - 1 Qt chestnut milk
   - 10 yolks
   - 180 grs sugar
   - Bourbon (to taste)

-    also:  candied chestnut in light vanilla syrup and lightly macerated with Bourbon

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