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flavored with Maraschino Brandy


Cherries in cassis coulis & Red Port Reduction

Pistachio Ice cream , Champagne Sabayon


Cherry Sorbet , Dry Meringue , Whipped cream

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Cherry Jubilee

Cherry "Mon Cheri"

Cherry Sampler





   - Fresh Cherries

   - Amaretto Brandy

- In robot coupe, quicky chop the cherries

- Not much, there must look like a tartare

- Add some Amaretto Brandy (to taste) and let marinate until service

- At order, just strain the amount needed and garnish a small cake ring mold. Keep the juice for around



   - 1 qt milk

   - 400 gm (1 can) Condensed Milk

   - 90 gm pastry cream powder

   - 2 eggs

- Thinly spread the pastry cream on silpat

_ Cook until light golden brown in oven at 280 F

- Shape right away when still hot


   - 1 bottle of port wine (750ml)

   - 1/2 liter of water

   - 500 gm Sugar

   - 1 kg Cassis Puree

   - Fresh Cherries

- Reduce Port wine. A foam will rise when ready

- Add water, sugar and cassis puree and bring to a boil

- Before service, bring some of the jubilee to a boil and add the pitted cherries for tha same day only



   - 3 qt Milk

   - 2 qt Half & Half

   - 200 gmLight Corn Syrup

   - 350 gm Sugar

   - 20 gm Agar Powder

   - 2 small cans (800 gm) Condensed Milk

   - 300 gm Pistachio Paste

- Bring Milk and Half & Half to a boil

- Add the corn syrup and the mix sugar / Agar

- Right after add the pistachio paste

- Whisk constantly while bringing back to the boil

- Remove from flame and add the  condensed milk

- Keep on ice until almost cooled



   -  12Yolks + 1 Whole egg

   - 200 gm Sugar

   - 1 Bottle of Champagne

   - 650 gm Heavy Cream (whipped)

      * option

      instead of 650 gm of heavy cream it is:

   - 400 gm Half & half

   - 250 gm Heavy cream

- In a stainless steel pot bring thefirst 4 ingredients to a boil, constantly whisking

- When ready dispense this mix in a stainlss steel bowl over ice and let cool completely

- Just before serving, add the whipped cream by gently folding it in

Other option:

The sabayon can be used through a whip cream syphon. In that case the cream shouldn't be whipped and use in a lesser amount (see option*  under recipe)



   - 300 gm Egg Whites

   - 200 gm Granulated Sugar

   - 450 gm Confectioners

- make a Swiss meringue by combining all ingredients into "Kitchen aid" mixer

- Using a blow torch ( or a hot double bath), carefully heat bottom and sides of bowl while beating 

- When almost hot, turn onto high speed until the mix become fluffy with hard peaks

- Pipe some of the meringue into the small half spheres cavities of a "silpat", filling only half way

- Using a teaspoon, spread the meringue around the sides

-Bake at 200F for at least 2 hours



   -  1 kg Frozen Cherry Puree

   - Sorbet Syrup TBD

   - 2 kg 700 Sugar / 2 liter Water

   - 30 gm Light Corn Syrup / !0 gm Agar Powder

   - Strained Juice from Tartare


- Add some sorbet syrup to the defrost cherry puree as well as the Amaretto Brandy

- Do it gradually to determine how much is exactly needed. This would help for the next time

Then freeze spin in ice cream maker

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