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 RECIPE for 35 pieces

-3 Qt milk  
-2 handfull of star
- 18 eggs
- 600 grs sugar 

  Make a blond caramel and pour some in the mold ; enough to allow the caramel just to  coat the bottom of each mold.
    Bring the milk to a boil
    Add the star anise and let infuse for 5  minutes over low heat.
    Mix eggs and sugar and strain over the still  warm milk and mix well.
    Pour the milk mixture into each mold and  bake in a double boiler in the oven at 300ºF  for about 35 minutes .
    Allow to cool ,place on ½ sheet tray, wrapp  in plastic and refrigerate.



      - 450 grs expresso coffee
    - 250 grs sugar
    - 750 grs heavy cream

 Make some fresh Espresso and add sugar right away, allowing it to dilute
    Let coolthe coffee mixture and add the cream.
For the service, fill until the ¾ ,the whipped  cream canister, seal and place gas charger.
Shake well before every use and slightly operate.



 - 450 grs sugar
- 50 grs light corn syrup
- 100 grs water
- 150 grs ground coffee
    - 150 grs blanched almond flour

  Make a blond caramel with sugar, corn syrup and water.
Using a wooden spatula, slightly incorporate coffee and almond flour, and let cook for a few more minute stir ring constantly.
When ready pour the mixture over a baking sheet and allow to cool.
When completely cooled, break the nougatine apart and using a coffee grinder, process until obtention of a fine powder.



     - 500 grs
    - 300 grs flour
    - 1 lemon zest
    - 1 lime zest
    - 1 orange zest
    - 500 grs egg whites
    - 240 grs melted

   * Mix all ingredients together , finishing with the melted butter
    * Reserve in a container and refrigerate
    * Spread the mix onto a baking sheet ,using a medium brush
    * Bake at 300ºF and fold inequally and unevenly between hands
    * Reserve sealed until needed.

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