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    CV     STCW 95     Questions / Reponses  


    CV     STCW 95     Questions / Reponses  

How much input do you feel an owner or guest should have in menu planning?

Upon availability in the area for fresh local ingredients

Responding to any guest's request for a special dish or flavor and being able to produce it with a different products.

Desserts will be the grand finale because there is always a way to please .

A strong point for me

How do you organize yourself so that you have all the provisions you need, for any meal, at any given time?

Having certain provisions for the next two meals (3 together) if on land as well as extra products for changes in case of special guest requirement. 

This will save time to purchase the proteins daily , principally for fish .

What do you feel is the most important quality for a successful Chef or Cook to have?

Being of course knowledgeable and passionate

But the most important of all when at work is :

being organized , calm but prompt , extremely clean , generous .

How do you handle constructive criticism towards your food?

I have to much pride to refuse criticism and not being able to fix any misunderstanding

towards the guest requirement or taste

How do you feel about preparing special meals for crew with certain dietary restrictions?

Sometimes in a life time we all feel following certain dietary restrictions for health.

- saturated fats - lack of freshness - carbohydrate -

Certain restrictions are more severe and we have to feel concerned about them ,

like allergies and intolerences that could become vital if not followed

- nut - lactose - gluten - sugar - seafood -

How often is it okay to prepare the same meal for guests?

None in a week period unless the guest requires it

How do you feel about preparing only crew meals?

As much as the job's description requires it

How much input do you feel you should have regarding provisioning and organizing the galley?

100% , according to budget

How do you feel about cooking according to different crew members' special requests?

Upon previous consultation in order to keep focus on the guest.

As said above earlier , there is no question if allergies or health reasons become an issue

    CV     STCW 95     Questions / Reponses  
Facicule Maritime  US Green card
 STCW 95
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