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 Meringue Strips

     - 140g egg whites

     - 210g sugar

     - Pinch cream of tartar

     - 10g corn starch



   Make a very stiff meringue with the whites and cream of tartar, adding sugar slowly.

   Turn of mixer, sprinkle corn starch on surface of meringue.

   Whip meringue briefly to incorporate starch.

   Place rubber stencil on silpat and spread meringue over stencil with an offset, scraping off any excess.

   Bake at 200F, low fan for about 15 minutes.

   Flip silpats, meringue-side down onto counter and peel back silpat while meringues are still slightly warm.

   Store in an airtight container.


Yuzu Sorbet (~1qt)

     250g water

     20g milk powder

     40g trimoline

     40g glucose powder

     220g sugar

     2g stabilizer (optional)

     250g yuzu juice


   Combine all ingredients, except yuzu juice, stabilizer and 50 g of sugar, bring to boil.

   Mix reserved sugar and stabilizer together thoroughly and whisk into hot sugar syrup.

   Strain mixture and chill thoroughly.

   Burr mix into yuzu juice and spin immediately.


Thai Basil Syrup (~2 fl.oz.)

      37g Thai basil

     160g light corn syrup


   Blanch and shock basil.

   Wring out excess water and puree on high speed with corn syrup for 30 seconds to 1 minute, until syrup is deep green and uniform.

   Strain through a fine chinois lined with sports towel, gently weighted down, overnight.


White Chocolate Cream (~1 ½ qts, whipped)

     224g white chocolate, chopped

     2 ea. eggs

     80g whites

     30g sugar

     400g heavy cream


   Heat heavy cream until it begins to steam and bubble just around the edges.

   Meanwhile burr mix together eggs, whites and sugar until uniform. 

   Temper hot cream into egg mixture.

   Return to the heat, stirring constantly until thick and just beginning to lump.

   Pour hot liquid over chocolate and burr mix thoroughly.

   Chill in an ice bath, stirring occasionally until cold. Refrigerate overnight.

   Whip until lightened and thick enough to pipe.

   Do not overwhip or mixture will become graining. Keep cold.

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