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Pear Bourdaloue 

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Pear Sampler

Pear , Spiced & Crème Fraiche

Pear , Spiked with Vanilla pins

Pear Tart Flambee

Pear Tart Roquefort

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   - 1 lb Butter

   - 1 lb Confectioners Sugar

   - 1/2 lb Toasted Hazelnut Flour

   - 1/2 lb Blanched Almond Flour

   - 25 gm Vanilla Extract

   - 10 Eggs


 Crack the eggs and put them in the freezer to become very cold (if kept outside the fridge).

 Cut butter into cubes and allow to become room temperature . Put the butter in the mixing bowl and cover with the confectioners sugar and then the nut flours.

 Add all the eggs on top and vanilla extract and turn mixer on first speed for 15 seconds, then on second speed for 10 seconds , then third speed for 30 seconds , and back on second untl the mix become creamy and fluffy.

 Pipe the pipe onto parchment paper the size bellow the serving dish ; following the anticipated drawing on the parchment of the desired shape. Store in freezer.

 For the service , keep some of necessary Frangipane in the station fridge.

 At pick , place the frangipane onto the serving dish and bake at 350ºF for approximatively 4 to 5 minutes until the frangipane slightly colors and has baked around the sides but the center still loose




   - 2 liters Water

   - 2 lbs (900 gm ) Sugar

   - 4 Vanilla Beans

   - 4 Star Anise

   - 1 lemon, sliced


 Bring all the ingredients to a boil . Add the peeled and cored pears , cover and bring back to a boil .

 Turn off flame , keep covered . Let cool completely before refrigerating .




   - 500 gm Manjari Chocolate

   - 300 gm Heavy Cream

   - 100 gm Amaretto Brandy

 Bring the cream to a boil and add the chopped chocolate . 

 Wait for the ganache to temper before adding the Amaretto.

 Wait until totally cool before piping .

 Refrigerate before shaping into balls .



   - 600 gm Toasted Hazelnuts

   - 400 gm Sugar

   - 20 gm Nougat sec (if available)

   - 125 gm Water

   - 5 gm Orange Blossom Water

   - Red color (as needed)


 Cook the sugar , nougat sec and water to 118ºC , add red color and swirl to mix .

 Next add hot toasted hazelnuts and stir to crystallize .

 Dump onto silpat and separate individually when still hot

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