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       -  9 egg yolks
    -  140 grs sugar
    -  3 vanilla beans
    -  1 Qt heavy cream


   Whisk energicatily yolks ,sugar and vanilla beans (cut in halves scraping the seed out ,using a paring knife )
   Add cold cream and mix well . Keep refrigerated for 6 hours .
   Strain over a fine mesh strainer , getting the most of the vanilla through  (occasionally ,strain again some of the mix to wash the vanilla )
   Pour into molds , put the tray in the oven with warm water as double bath ,cover with another tray and bake at 300ºF for 25 to 35 mn .   



          -1 Kg strawberries
     - 1 lime
     - 1 orange
     - 300 grs sugar
     - 1liter ½ mineral water


   Wash the strawberries with their stems in cold water

   Let them in a water bath for 15 min ,and drain them well over a colander .
   Cut them into 4 pieces add lime and orange , sliced  , then the sugar and mix together slowly .

   Let rest for an hour or until the sugar and strawberries form a syrup .
   Add the water and stir well . Keep in the fridge for 24 hours
   Next day strain the liquid through a colander and repeat the operation using a  triple layer of cheese clothe .  

   Pour the strawberry water into an hotel pan and   freeze.
   When needed  ,using a fork scrape the surface to obtain the granita



        - 800 grs sugar
    - 700 grs flour
    - 625 grs egg whites
    - 750 grs melted butter
    - 1 tsp vanilla extract


 * Pineapple, strawberry, melon, apple, kiwi. peach, cherry, apricot

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